Menorca offers enclaves of great beauty, such as Favàritx, which attracts both locals and visitors from all over the world, especially during the summer months. The best way for everyone to reach its dreamy beach is, definitely, the Bus Favàritx public transport service, which runs frequently, to prevent traffic jams and help preserve the natural balance of this unique place.


From June 1 to September 30
Every day, holidays included.




With a reservation, or right on the bus:
One way: €3.50


General-category large families*:
Un trayecto: 2,80 €


Special-category large families*:
One way: €1.75


*To be able to benefit from the large-family discounts one must have the corresponding transport card issued by the Consejo Insular (Island Council). Discounted tickets must be purchased directly on the bus, as reservations via the website are not available.



How much does a ticket cost?

Regular single ticket price, with a reservation or right on the bus: €3.50 each way.


Price for general-category large families*: €2.80 each way.


Price for special-category large families*: €1.75 each way.


* To be able to benefit from the large-family discounts one must have the corresponding transport card issued by the Consejo Insular. Discounted tickets must be purchased directly on the bus, as reservations via the website are not available.

How do I make a reservation?

What card entitles me to a discount?

Discounts are extended to the members of large families; this status must be indicated on the user’s card (T-GENERAL, T-JOVE or T-MÉS) and these tickets must be purchased right on the bus, as it is not possible to reserve them.

How far in advance can I book? What about changes or cancellations?

You can book 24 hours or more before your trip.


To modify or cancel a reservation you must provide the reservation code you received at the time of purchase.


You may cancel or modify a reservation, as long as you do so at least 24 hours before the trip.

If I have already purchased a ticket, can I cancel or modify it?

Yes, the reasons for the cancellation are irrelevant.

Starting at what age must children have a ticket?

Children age 4 and up must have a ticket.

How can I get a transport card? Is it free?

Cards are issued at the Consejo Insular de Menorca, and are completely free.

Is there a limit to how many seats I can reserve?



Where does the bus depart from? Where are the stops in Favàritx?

In Mahón, buses leave from the station. In Favàritx stops have been set up in the vicinity of the access barriers to Capifort, Morella and the lighthouse. Travellers are allowed to get on and off both in the S’Escala area, and at the barriers at the beginning of the Favàritx road.

What are the schedules of the first and last buses?

From June 1 to September 30, the first bus departs from Mahón at 09:45 and the last departs from Favàritx at 19:15.

Is the schedule the same every day? And holidays?

The schedule is the same all week, including holidays.

What happens if people show up without reservations in Favàritx because they come walking along the Camí de Cavalls?

If the bus has no seats available, they must wait for another bus to arrive that does.


Can bicycles or other large objects be transported on the bus?

No. Bicycles or objects such as surfboards, kayaks, etc., may not be transported. However, folding chairs, beach coolers and other objects that do not inconvenience other passengers during the trip may be brought on board.

Is there a surcharge for carrying more luggage?

No, in no case.


How many seats do the buses have?

The vehicles have 30 seats.


What is the regular competition for access to Favàritx?

The competition is not from the Consejo Insular de Menorca, but rather from the Gobierno Balear (Government of the Balearic Islands), and, more specifically, the Consejería de Medio Ambiente, Agricultura y Pesca (Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries Agency), as it is located within the Parque Natural S’Albufera des Grau.

What happened to the parking lot there was in recent years?

The area of ​​Favàritx has never had regulated parking compliant with the law. In addition, due to the fact that the road is not delimited by dry stone, as the volume of vehicles in the area increased, uncontrolled parking areas sprang up on private property along the sides of the access road to the lighthouse. This irregular situation was tolerated for years by the different administrations in charge, ultimately leading to an unsustainable situation in recent years.

How can I reach the Favàritx area?

As an temporary measure, access to the Favàritx area will be restricted only to official public transport services. Other public or discretionary transport vehicles that do not need to park in the area, such as taxis or minibuses providing discretionary service, will also be able to access it. These vehicles will at all times cede the right of way to the regular public transport service, and their access may be limited by the road’s difficult characteristics.

Is this a definitive measure?

Absolutely not. As an a temporary measure, and it should be noted that an effort has been made, for the first time, to resolve the situation. In order for there to be regulated parking areas in the Favàritx area, they need to be approved under the PRUG (Master Plan for the Use and Management of the Natural Park), for which we have been waiting since 2003. It was presented at the beginning of 2018 and has recently been opened up to public review.


Therefore, it has not been until now that the Balearic Government’s Ministry of the Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries has taken action to bring about the definitive regulation of the parking areas in the Favàritx area, drafting the corresponding Master Plan for its Use and Management, the approval of which is expected in 2018. This will make it possible, for the first time, to regulate a parking area in Favàritx within the borders of the Parque Natural S’Albufera des Grau.

What role has the Council (Consejo) played in this situation?

Given the impossibility of establishing a regulated parking area, due to the lack of a PRUG, the Insular Council Menorca has worked together with the Environment Ministry of the Balearic Government to offer alternative access to Favàritx by official public transport, thereby also preventing the danger entailed by the lack of space on the sides of the road. The Ministry of the Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries of the Balearic Government and the Insular Council of Menorca will regulate the traffic to the Favàritx lighthouse area by establishing a collective public transport system departing from the Mahón bus station, complemented by restricted access to the final section of the Favàritx road, and an access surveillance system. This, as already stated, is an exceptional measure and only for 2018, until parking is regulated in the area.

Which is the definitive proposal on parking?

When the PRUG for the Parque Natural S’Albufera des Grau is finally approved, a regulated parking area with a capacity for 200 vehicles will be established in the area containing parking spots, or in their vicinity, as stipulated in the PRUG, which already been filed and is currently in the processing phase. In addition, a series of areas that may be used as provisional parking places, while the procedures for the definitive parking area are completed, will be designated. The current parking areas are not covered by the PRUG and, therefore, are slated to disappear.